Monday, April 25, 2011

Autobots or Real People? Your Choice!

When you book your vacation, are you getting outstanding customer service?

With Connie George Travel Associates, you’ll receive an actual reply to your email or phone call information request by a real live human being. Not autobots that are ignoring your individual questions or concerns. Our theory? If you aren’t a robot, you shouldn’t have a robot replying to you! From the beginning, an actual person will take time to work with you.

While we have much respect for people around the world (after all, we’re selling the world, right?), we feel that a business in the United States should have people in the United States responding to you, not someone working with a call center in WhoKnowsWhere, East Jabip.

And speaking of who is responding, would you like to work with a professional travel consultant such as ours or call center agent who reads off the screen and who may never attended training or even been out of the town in which they grew up?

Our thought? Value = Service + Cost +Features

When spending the hard-earned money and time you have dedicated to your vacation, consider value and who is guiding you on the journey.

~ Connie

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