Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ten Commandments & One Suggestion

I sometimes have difficulty getting rid of paper as evidenced by my keeping a copy of “Ten Commandments for Travelers” since, according to the date on the paper, 1982.

Had it been written in calligraphy and framed, it may have made sense to keep it. Instead, this is a narrow paper “stuffer” that we use to put in ticket jackets of clients heading toward exotic (and not so exotic) destinations. Through the years it has moved between desk and file cabinet drawers with the intention of “someday using it again for something.” Today I decided that our blog is a great way to use and share it! For your enjoyment… and perhaps to keep in mind during your travels:

Ten Commandments for Travelers

1. Though shalt not expect to find all things precisely as they were at home, for though hast left home to find things different!

2. Though shalt not take anything too seriously for a carefree mind is the cornerstone of a good vacation.

3. Though shalt not let other travelers get on thy nerves, for thou art paying good money to enjoy thyself.

4. Though shalt not worry, for he that worrieth hath little joy.

5. Though shalt not judge all people of a country by one person with whom though hast had a problem.

6. Blessed are they who can wait and smile for they will enjoy themselves.

7. Though shalt do only somewhat as the natives do.

8. Though shalt carry the American Passport with thee at all times in a safe place, nor shall ye pack it in thy suitcase, for it is said that a man without a Passport is a man without a country.

9. Thou canst be welcome in every land. Treat thy hosts with respect and thou shalt be an honored guest.

10. Bless they travel agent for s/he worketh hard in thy behalf.

Now for the suggestion. “Use it or lose it.” If you have something old in your office or home that you have planned to “use someday” for a very long time, get rid of it. Trash it, recycle it, donate it or repurpose it. I walked that paper to the trashcan and dropped it in. It might only have been a small piece of paper, but sharing the quote and ditching the paper felt good!