Monday, March 14, 2011

10 Reasons Why a Professional Travel Consultant Beats a Call Center Agent

Why is a professional travel consultant better than dealing with a call center agent?  Here are our "Top 10" reasons:

10- Consultants may have visited your destination or sailed on your cruise ship.

9- Consultants attend conferences.

8- Consultants attend trade shows.

7- Consultants attend webinars and teleconferences.

6- Consultants read travel trade industry magazines.

5- Consultants have newsgroups and agent-only message boards on which to compare concerns, keep up with news and seek advice.

4- Consultants also can access consumer message boards.

3- Consultants have colleagues with whom they can share information.

2- Consultants work with you from the beginning to end.

1- Consultants have other clients who have given previous feedback about what you’re booking.

And our bonus reason- Consultants want your repeat and referral business.

Book your next vacation with a professional travel consultant from Connie George Travel to see why we enjoy a high repeat and referral business!

~ Connie

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