Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Earn $500, $1000, $1500 or more toward your cruise vacation!

We are excited to be announcing the start of an innovative and simple promotion for group leaders and gathering organizers---- “5 for $500” is for you!

Traditionally “groups” were usually eight or more cabins and the group leader earned a “free cruise berth” based on lots of confusing criteria that resulted in group leaders often still going out-of-pocket for government-related fees and taxes. Worse is that, because of the cruise lines’ formula, group leaders often didn’t know how much they had to pay toward their cruise until the time came for the final payment. This has been the cruise lines’ policy for many decades.

I’ve worked with their policy for many years, but frankly I’ve never liked it. I’m much more of a “cut and dry” policy person, not much of a gambler and like straight answers on things. There just had to be a simpler, straightforward way of rewarding valued group leaders. Out of this feeling, an idea was born--- the “5 for $500” promotion for group leaders!

On a limited, but large number of sailings (over 600 of them at the moment!) a group leader earns a flat $500 for every five cabins their group utilizes toward their own personal cabin. If the group uses 20 cabins, you get a $2000 cruise credit. Pretty simple, eh? AND this means that a “group” only has to be five cabins. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been testing the program and it’s been working beautifully.

We love working with group cruises and get excited about the challenge of tailoring the experience to that particular group and in making the group leader look terrific! With such an easy program, perhaps it’s time to book your group--- small or large. For more information, visit our “5 for $500” page and get in touch with us at 610-532-0989 or info@cgta.com. Our agents are looking forward to creating something special for you and your group! 

~ Connie