Monday, August 22, 2011

Maybe You Don’t Need Travel Insurance!

Can you can answer “yes” to these seven questions?  If so, you can probably safely skip buying travel insurance!

1- Are you okay with losing your money due to cancellation penalties if you should have to cancel your trip even due to an emergency?

2- Can you afford the loss if your airline, cruise line, tour operator ceases operations?

3- Can you afford to pick up costs (i.e. airfare, lodging, transportation, meals) that could be associated with a mechanical, weather, medical emergency or labor-caused delay during your trip?

4- Do you have international health coverage?

5- Does your health coverage include medevac?

6- Does your health coverage include repatriation? If not, can your estate cover this?

7- Will you have access to paying out-of-pocket for emergency medical or medevac expenses during your trip until the claim you file once you are back home is reimbursed?

If the answer to each of the above seven questions is “yes,” then you can save money by not purchasing travel insurance. If you answered “no” to any questions, you can’t afford to not purchase travel insurance.

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~ Connie