Monday, November 7, 2011

Dealing with Your Dirty Laundry

Because you have learned to pack lighter for your vacations, you had planned to wear these pants twice during your cruise. But…. oh no! You spilled your drink on your pants the first night wearing them.

Thankfully cruise ships offer laundry services!  Most ships offer valet laundry services (wash and press, press only, dry cleaning). Some also offer self-service “laundromats.”

Pricing to have a piece done isn't bad.  Here are some rates from the laundry service form I picked up when I sailed on Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas. “Pressing only” was half the cost of the “wash & press” or the “dry cleaning” costs. These prices are subject to change and our list isn’t as extensive as what was on RCCL’s form, but I thought it would give our blog followers an idea of costs.

Clothing Wash and PressDry Clean
Blouse or Skirt$4$4.50
Blouse (silk)$6
Dress (silk)$9.50
Scarf $2.75

Now, I'm not suggesting we spend our vacations in a self-serve laundry or wracking up a bill using a valet laundry service, but isn't it nice knowing there are options when you need something pressed, are trying to limit your packing or have an "oops!" while cruising?

~ Connie

P.S.  Here's a great packing tip.  Be sure to bring plastic bags.  Either reuse plastic shopping bags or bring gallon-sized Ziplock bags to bring home smelly socks, wet bathing suits, muddy shoes or anything else you'd rather not have touching the rest of the items in your suitcase.

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