Monday, February 21, 2011

Four Important Tips Keep You From Missing Your Cruise

The anchor’s been raised, the steel band is playing, excitement is high for all of the guests booked on your cruise ship as they get ready for their adventure! Except for you---- you’re stuck in an airport watching your vacation dreams, days off from work and your financial investment go down the drain.

Maybe it was weather that delayed your flight. Perhaps it was a mechanical delay. Or a problem en route to the airport. Who do you get mad at? It was out of your control, right?

No matter the reason, there are things you can do so that any of those delays aren’t much more than frustrations and don’t ruin your vacation.

  • Fly to your embarkation port at least one day in advance. If there is a flight delay, it becomes an inconvenience but doesn’t keep you from missing your ship. It makes flying less stressful and has you start your cruise feeling more relaxed.

  • Buy travel insurance that includes trip delay. Various policies have different lengths of time qualifying or a travel delay coverage, but they can be invaluable for covering expenses incurred because of a delay or help cover expenses to get you to another airport to connect with your ship at the next port.

  • Travel with a passport. Even if you are on a closed loop sailing from the U.S. that qualifies you to travel with a birth certificate instead, opt for a passport. If you have to fly to the first visiting port to meet up with your ship, you will only be able to fly to a U.S. city or territory. Without a passport, you’ll be going home.

  • Watch the weather. If a storm is coming to your home or connecting airport area and it could affect your ability to reach your embarkation port, know about it and plan as best as possible. You may be able to fly out earlier or have the airline reschedule through a different connecting city.

“Stuff happens.” But with the proper planning, you can keep it from ruining your vacation.

~ Connie

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