Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Docs or No Docs, What’s Your Preference?

Two couples doing very different trips, but spending about the same amount for their long-awaited vacations.

For the first couple cruising on Princess Cruises, I explain “e-docs” which is short for “electronic travel documents.” “Go here, click there, print what you would like to take” and an explanation of the optional baggage tags which can be printed and then fake-laminated in clear shipping tape.

For the second couple traveling on a Trafalgar Tour, I just received a nice document package with vouchers, a hotel list, itinerary and other helpful information inside a zippered
pleather case.

When actually traveling, I’d rather be without documents. Less to carry and worry about is a plus. “Have passport, will travel” sounds like a darn good motto. And in this age of computers, we really shouldn’t need any more than that to check in for a flight, cruise, hotel or tour.

But I have to admit, that there’s something more “real”, more “tangible” about having something solid in my hands that has been given to me, something to hold and read. It’s a step closer to knowing that I’m really going to travel soon. An adventure around the corner that will include fun, memories to be made, possibly pampering or experiences. The documents feel like the key about to unlock the door.

Or maybe it’s that the smell of these document holders bring back memories of my old Barbie Doll cases and that whole world of make believe, mysteries unfolding, few major decisions and lots of fun. Maybe traveling is a bit like playing Barbie Dolls as a kid. Hey Lori and Dorothy….. wanna come out and play Barbies again?

So what’s your preference---- “real” travel documents or “eDocs”?


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  1. definitely e-documents. I thought the old ways the cruise used to do it was way to cumbersome and we didn't need all those papers anyway. If i want to read about someplace I'm going or dream of things to come, i can do much better on the internet too. And God know I don't need any more document cases as i've am
    accumulated tons over the years. Glad many places are not giving them out. Every year I give away tons of gee-gawks like that.

    As for people who absolutely have to have paper docs, I think it should be an added charge. Or looking at it another way, a discount for those who use e-docs.

    And my old Barbie case is in my closet:)

    Candy Harrington


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