Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Top 10 Ways to Stay Warm this Winter

If this will be you watching Desperate Housewives this winter, you may be desperate to plan a warm winter vacation!

Top 10 Ways to Stay Warm this Winter

10) Keep stoking the fireplace.

9) Layers, sweatsuits and legwarmers. It might not look very snazzy, but only your nose and hands will be cold.

8) Bury under blankets. Keep them pulled up to nose.

7) Keep the thermostat up high. The heck with the gas, oil or electric bill.

6) Use plug-in heaters to add warmth to the room you’re in.

5) Snuggle with someone special.

4) Hang out in the warmest store you can find.

3) Keep moving. March in place when watching TV, washing dishes, brushing your teeth. When that’s not keeping you warm enough, switch to jumping jacks.

2) Burn an ocean- or beach-scented candle and think warm, tropical thoughts.

Call Connie George Travel Associates to book yourself on a warm Caribbean cruise or an island resort stay. Oh, and feel free to bring along that special someone to snuggle with even though you won’t be cold on your trip!

In fact, if you book your trip with us between 10/22/09 - 11/25/09 for a trip taking place in December '09 - March '10,
send an email to me the day you book with your CGTA agent's name and I'll send a free Yankee Candle to you to enjoy this winter!



  1. It frightens me that I look somewhat like that during the winter evenings. Not much of a fashion statement. I'm glad I have a February vacation to look forward to!

    -Mary B.

  2. I'm so tired of listening to rain beating against my windows for the past few days that I wish I was on a cruise some place warm and DRY! Rowing a boat down my street isn't as appealing.


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